Feel Free Massage Therapy, LLC
Feel Free of Stress, Pain and Life's Little Bothers

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So Glad You Found Us!

Feel Free Massage Therapy, LLC offers reasonable rates to allow everyone to acquire a monthly massage to optimize health, relaxation and a clear mind.  We are not only here to give you an excellent massage, we are also here to educate you on health and daily body needs such as stretching, food intake and holistic living.

We believe in relaxation for the body, soul and mind with our Swedish and Pre-Natal massages.

We specialize in pain treatments through our intense Deep Tissue/Trigger Point Therapy and Sports Therapy massages..

 A huge thank you to our Military!!  It is because of you, that all of us living in the United States of America can Feel Free!

Thank you for visiting and have a Most Excellent Day!

God Bless!

Tami Lynn, LMT, CNMT

                                                                            We accept Cash or  Checks for payment, No credit cards

Unfortunately, we will not work on accident related injuries.  Please seek out a medical massage therapist.


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